В столовой приготовили 530 первых блюд

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★EdenRules/伊甸園/Vườn Địa Đàng : ★Subscribe/訂閱/Đăng Ký : /index.php?route=...On May 9th, 2009, Supreme Master Ching Hai was invited to attend the videoconference on global warming entitled “Be Organic Vegan to Save the World.” During the conference, the Supreme Master pointed out that the oceans play a major role in regulating the global climate. В столовой приготовили 530 первых блюд. However, fishing has severely disturbed the complex ecosystems of the world’s oceans. Since global warming spares no one, each person is responsible to do their best in awakening noble qualities in themselves; that is to adopt an organic vegan diet, which not only benefits our health so that we can keep diseases away but also helps strike a balance between agriculture and the environment. The Supreme Master said, “If we wish to live healthily and happily ourselves, we should let others live likewise. This is the best guideline.”★★★★★★★二○○九年五月九日,清海無上師受邀參加非洲多哥洛美所舉辦的《有機純素能拯救地球》全球暖化研討會。會中無上師提醒大眾,海洋扮演調節全球氣候的主要角色,捕魚已嚴重擾亂全球海洋的複雜生態系統。全球暖化無人能倖免,因此人人都有責任喚醒自己的高貴品質,採行有機純素。有機純素不但能使身體健康、遠離疾病,更有助於使農業和環境兩者取得平衡。師父說:「若我們希望自己生活健康、快樂,應該讓他人也如此。這是最好的指導方針!」 /index.php?route=.... В столовой приготовили530 первых блюд

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